Home screen: 

  1. To make full use of the eduSpec software students and teachers have to login to the system. FNWI students have to use their science account to log in.
  2. The eduspec software is divided into 3 modules. The modules can be accessed using the main menu on the top of the page or clicking the icons on the home screen.
  3. For questions about using the eduSpec software, choose one of the menu options under "Using Eduspec".


  1. The left bottom menu column shows the "Teacher menu". This menu is available after logging in to the system for users with teacher rights.
  2. Logging out of the system.
  3. The center bottom menu area contains contextual shortcuts to content related to the chosen eduSpec module.
  4. The right bottom menu area contains links to scoreboards and quizzes used in the chosen eduSpec module.

Using the menu tree

  1. The menu on the left center left of the page is organized as a tree. Clicking on the menu items folds out the tree and opens the selected content.